by watcher's woods

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Alex Everything I could want in a goth album. I think I could listen to "penokees" forever. Also super rad album cover. Favorite track: penokees.
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recorded over the past year between milwaukee and asheville


released November 11, 2015



all rights reserved


watcher's woods Asheville, North Carolina

anti-civ post-punk

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Track Name: caliban
the haunted ruins of the past
accumulate with in our lives
and as our words weigh us down
can we learn to speak? I don’t know

see the fields all lit with pyres
illuminate the structures we live by
history can’t be undone
is it too late? I don’t know

I’ll go to the fields and know what stood there are signs of so long ago

- - -

This song is about the witch hunts during the modernization of Europe. It’s about the biopolitical subjugation of women and how we need to reexamine notions like primitive accumulation, state formation, and the enclosing of the commons through a gendered lens.
Track Name: octahedron
the sun rings out in spirals in my room
and the taste of numbness echoes in my mouth
the porch light holds its posture in the gloom
cellophane strains the windows of this house

in those days without end
blend to murky mornings peeling through and making clouds
and the overflows
of memories inside the creases fall through the palms of your hands

teeth like rocks like calcite cut through fog
it ruptures behind fluorite in your eyes
sunrise dead birds spilled across my lawn
frost-bitten paws pressing deep inside
Track Name: hope is a passive wish
as the burning rage rings out
only to go underground
in a couple years, what’s left?
the moment’s pulse still ringing through our walls

who’s lost / whose loss?

fires spread the words
char leviathan’s armor
and you come to see it’s more than skin
peel it away, feel yourself come undone

what’s worse?

- - -

The name of this song is from our friend Krow’s post-sentencing statement. The song is dedicated to those serving time for ELF/ALF actions and those who got away. It’s about the viability of arson, property destruction, and animal liberation as tactics (just kidding NSA). It’s about the struggle of seeing how our subjectivities are entangled with the world we’re working to end.
Track Name: penokees
I remember those days we spent in the northwoods in the hills washing our feet in the riverbed.
The fear of the mine was long gone—it’d given us reason for some hope.
You were always there those days.

I remember those nights we spent—there were enough of us to stay warm listening to coyotes and snow owls.
The next day we spent tracking those rabbits that you never caught and I wonder what they’re doing now.

The world has turned around.

- - -

I wrote this song the day I quit a job that morally and politically I’d felt bad for working. It’s about trying to celebrate a successful campaign that prevented an open-pit taconite mine from destroying the Penokee Hills. It’s also about imagining a reality better than our own—one where a loved one didn’t end up going to jail.
Track Name: pure light
black dots and sewing needles measure years like dead liver cells
as the crescent moons of my hands crack away more honest than faces

all those things that we did, words that were spent—where are they now?
looking for ourselves in places and found there was nothing to be found

I don’t want to look back
if I did it’d still all be there

- - -

This song is about loss.